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Forget your house keys at the office?No biggie. Read More!
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Poly Control Danalock V2Offering a slick design and the flexibility to be installed on a variety of door models, the Poly Control Danalock V2 offers a handful of features, including TwistAssist and Knock to Unlock. Read More!
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patent application Ser. Read More!

security services for business

To make accessing the video stream of the cameras convenient on the go, you can use the compatible iOS and Android app with the mobile device that you use.
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TThe inclusion of latest computer technology and addition of innovative telecommunication devices have always been helping the competitors to have a better control over the customer base.

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security services for business

Amazon's home surveillance company Ring is using video captured by its doorbell cameras in Facebook advertisements that ask users to identify and call the cops on a woman whom local police say is a suspected thief.

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    In some implementations, the video source 501 dynamically determines which parts of the video stream are to be uploaded to the server system 164.

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    Even objects or people 65 feet away in pitch black conditions can be captured clearly by this camera.

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    " When you toss a password on your computer's log in screen, for instance, you're protecting your data against wannabe hackers.

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